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We are a comprehensive Wound Care Clinic. We specialize in treating Diabetic foot ulcers, traumatic injuries to feet and legs, Osteomyelitis and infections of all types. Dr Silva works with a team of Orthopedists, Vascular Surgeons, and Infectious Disease consultants to yield the safest and most rapid resolution of wounds.

Taking good care of your feet is essential when you need foot wound care. At the office of Dr. Stephan Silva in Boca Raton, FL, we provide comprehensive foot wound care for all types of injuries and problems with your feet or legs. We understand the importance of taking care of the wounds to prevent infection and to assist the healing process. Dr. Silva is ready to handle all types of foot wound care and works with a team to provide you with the best foot wound care possible. 

Conditions Treated at Our Wound Care Clinic

No matter what you have going on with your feet or legs when it comes to wounds, our clinic is ready to provide you with the wound care you deserve. If you have diabetic foot ulcers that are difficult to heal, osteomyelitis, or traumatic injuries to your legs or feet, we are here to provide you with the wound care you need. In consultation with other specialists in the wound care field, Dr. Silva will take care of your wounds in the safest way possible. From assessment to full recovery, you get the foot wound care you need to heal your body.

What to Expect With Foot Wound Care

Each case is different, and that means each treatment plan is tailored to meet the needs of the patient. Your foot wound care will include assessment to determine how the wound is healing, cleaning of the wound, and dressing the wound safely. How often you need to return for dressing changes will be determined by Dr. Silva. Any complicating factors, such as having diabetes, will impact how often you will need to see the podiatrist to check your wound. You can heal from your foot wound, but you may need careful supervision throughout the process if you are at high risk of infection. 

Call for Foot Wound Care Today

Contact the office of Dr. Stephan Silva, a podiatrist in Boca Raton, FL at 561-241-9447, to set up an appointment for foot wound care. It is important that your feet get the wound care you need. Help your foot wound heal when you work closely with a podiatrist to clean and protect your wound as needed.

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